Acne Treatments

Ι) ELOS™ acne treatment

The HIFU technology ELOS  της of the platform Syneron eMAX can achieve amazing results after just a few sessions, without discomfort, adverse reactions or recovery time. The treatment effectively controls the symptoms of acne, and reduces the number of pimples and scars caused by inflammation. So teens and adults can benefit from acne treatment ELOS ™ throughout the course of the year.

The acne treatment ELOS ™ combines the technology photorejuvenation and radio frequency energy to combat the symptoms of acne by controlling the hyperactive sebaceous glands, minimizing inflammation and the stimulation, while reducing discoloration and scarring after inflammation.

II) Acne chemical peels

These specialized chemical peels of a new generation AHA/BHA (alpha and beta hydroxy) exfoliate gently the skin, remove dead cells, contribute to the decongestion of the acneic skin and reduce inflammation while at the same time regenerate the skin and reduce inflammation, the μεταφλεγμονώδεις υπερμελαχρώσεις and the scars.

Just a few days after the treatment, pimples, pustules and inflammation appear less pronounced, while the texture and tone of skin is improved significantly. For best results in cases of severe forms of acne, it is recommended that a program of treatment in combination with prescription therapy products at home.

III) Ideal photodynamic facial:

This combination treatment is ideal for sensitive skin acne. The deep but mild facial cleansing removes sebum, balances the production of sebum and removes dead skin cells. In addition, the φωτοαναπλαστική cure with LED reduces inflammation and heals and rejuvenates the skin tissue.

What other treatments can be combined with the treatments for acne?

Treatments for acne can be combined with many treatments such as Hydrafacial, or the machine DF to balance the production of sebum.


Acne Treatments

Acne is a very common medical condition of the skin during puberty, but can also appear later in the life of a person with different levels of intensity and types.

A mild type of acne characterized by a small number of red pimples/spots and blackheads. In the more serious form, the pimples may enlarge, to increase in number and become hard and painful (cysts) or infected and filled with pus (pustules). This situation can also be extended to the face, neck, décolleté and back.

Acne occurs when the secretion of sebum and dead skin cells block the pores of the skin, causing inflammation and infection by bacteria. Acne is often associated with some type of hormonal abnormality or /and with problems of digestion / nutrition.


There are many treatments available that can help to improve acne and minimize symptoms while healing the scars of acne.

The therapy LV / LVΑ elōs is non-invasive, quick, safe, with minimal recovery time and without needles.

The LV/LVΑ elōs is a non-invasive procedure that does not use needles like other available methods and can be applied for the treatment of various vascular conditions on the body.


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